The history of Öland - a cycling experience through millennia

5-day cycling package on southern Öland with good bikes, food and accommodation at some of southern Öland's best hotels.

At the end of August and September, when the calm begins to settle over Öland, we invite you to a unique cycling experience in Southern Öland Farming Landscape World Heritage Site with some of Öland's most historically interesting sites. You cycle through a more than 2000-year-old cultural and agricultural landscape and always have a view of either the sea or the Great Alvaret, known for its unique flora. Along the way, you'll visit burial sites and ancient castles from Öland's golden age - the Iron Age - and enjoy an exclusive guided tour of Sandby Castle, which was the site of a brutal massacre some 1,500 years ago.

The package includes

  • Bike to use for four days. Choose between el-, touring, tandem or 3-speed standard bike. For an additional cost, it is also possible to get a side-by-side electric bike.
  • Four comfortable nights at three of southern Öland's best hotels
  • Four breakfast buffets
  • Four packed lunches, picked from the breakfast buffet
  • Four luxury three-course dinners 
  • Introduction to the history of southern Öland and exciting destinations along the way.
  • Exclusive guided tour at Sandby Borg
  • Luggage transport between hotels
  • Bicycle insurance
  • Assistance if something unexpected happens to you or your bike.
  • Bicycle helmet, bicycle bag, small coffee thermos, small cooler bag with cold pack
  • Access to a digital map of the trip in the Ride-with-gps app.

Day plan

Day 1

Arrival at Hotel Magasin1 in Mörbylånga with check-in from 14.00. If you arrive early, you will have the opportunity to stroll around Mörbylånga's cosy neighbourhood, take a swim or enjoy freshly baked buns and cookies at Café Söderbönor. You can also soften your body for tomorrow's bike ride in the hotel's newly built relaxation centre with sauna, seating areas for relaxation and an outdoor whirlpool. Can be booked at reception, or notified in advance. 

At 17.30 you get an introduction to the history of Öland at Öland's Bicycle Rental, which is located right next to the hotel. Then you get your bikes, which we set up according to your wishes. You round off the evening with a three-course dinner with local ingredients at Magasin1 while looking out over the sunset in Kalmarsund.

Day 2 (30-40 km)

You start cycling south, either along beautiful coastal roads or up on the edge of the countryside where you have the opportunity to visit Bårby Borg and Gettlinge burial groundwhich is one of the largest on Öland. On this stage you can also stop at the bird and seal sanctuary. Eckelsuddewith a good chance of seeing a seal colony. After 20-30 km, turn east and cycle across the vast open countryside. Alvaret. Just before you cross over to the eastern side, you can take a detour to Treby castlewhich is currently under excavation. Afterwards, a new 3-course menu and cosy beds await you at picturesque Gammalsbygårdens Gästgiveri. Wine lovers should take the opportunity to savour something good from the wine cellar. However, this is not included in the package.

Day 3 (40-45 km)

On day three, you'll travel around South Iceland. Here you will find, among other things, the famous Eketorp Castle, Sweden's only reconstructed ancient castle, spectacular Charles X Gustav's wall and Öland's largest burial ground. At the magical Southern Cape, with its vast pastures for sheep, cows and deer, you will find one of Europe's best birdwatching locations and Sweden's highest lighthouse. Long John. To the south of Södra Möckleby, you can experience remnants of the town's 300-year-old stone industry epoch, including the ruins of a Alunbruk and several spectacular limestone quarries. Return to Gammalsbygården for another good night's sleep and tasty dinner.

Day 4 (50-60 km)

Today you follow the eastern coastline northwards, passing through The nature shop in Stenåsa which has Sweden's largest range of binoculars and other nature-related products. After 30 km you will reach the famous Sandby Borg where a brutal massacre took place some 1 500 years ago. Enjoy an exclusive guided tour by Lars Alvarmo, who was involved in the rediscovery of the castle and its dark secrets 15 years ago. here you can learn more about the history of the castle. 

Then you turn west and cross Öland again, this time via winding roads through Öland. Midland forest, one of the largest continuous deciduous forests in Europe. At the edge of the forest you will find the Iron Age village of Gamla Skogsby which is currently being excavated and boasts a 55-metre-long nave. On the fourth night you will sleep at Hotel Skansen in Färjestaden and are also treated to a 3-course dinner. An evening walk in the harbour with a view of the Öland Bridge at sunset is recommended.

Day 5 (20-30 km)

From Färjestaden to Mörbylånga there is a nice cycle path for those who want to take the straight track. On the way you can stop at one of Sweden's most famous rune stones, Karlevi stones. There is also the possibility to take the small roads through the beautiful Vickleby nature reserve and the . Beijer Harbour with its fine bird sanctuary. Vickleby, where the famous craft school Capella farm and "Sweden's most beautiful village street" is well worth a detour. No later than 18:30 you return the bike to us in Mörbylånga.

Pavement and traffic

The tour is mostly on paved cycle paths and country roads. About 10 km are on gravel roads. As it is not high season, the traffic is low-intensity, but you can expect to share the road with tractors, caravans, cows and sheep.


You can see the whole tour in the map programme Ride With GPS below. You can also find out more about the different destinations along the route. You can use the map in two different ways. Choose the one that suits you best:

  1. View the map/tour proposal directly here in your browser.
  2. Använda live-navigering genom appen för Ride with GPS. Observera att detta annars är en betalfunktion och att det bara är genom länken nedan som du har möjligheten att använda navigeringsfunktionen gratis. Klicka på länken här för att påbörja nedladdning av appen:
    Once you click on the link above, do the following:
    1. click on Go to route
    2. click on Send to device
    3. Select the type of device you have (iPhone, Android, etc.)
    4. Select Create account
    5. Fyll i dina uppgifter för att skapa kontot.
    6. go back to the link here to open the link in the app
    7. you are ready to start live navigation.


  • Two people in a double room 9 500 SEK per person 
  • Single room supplement + 1 200 SEK
  • Upgrade to an electric pair bike (you sit next to each other) + €2,500

Booking request

You are welcome to send a booking request via the form below. This is an exclusive package with limited availability so don't wait too long to book. The package can be booked starting during the periods 23 August - 11 September and 14 September - 21 September. After you have sent your enquiry, we will get back to you within 24 hours. If the request is approved, you will receive a payment link by email that you need to pay within 24 hours for the booking to be valid. The booking becomes binding only when the payment is made.


  • If cancelled at least 48 hours before the date of arrival, 90 % of the cost will be refunded. If cancelled later, no refund will be given.
  • If you need assistance on the road, for example with a new bike or if you have suffered a physical injury, we will come to your rescue, usually within an hour and a half, but in exceptional cases up to 5 hours. 
  • Full insurance of the bike is included for normal use, but not any insurance for clothing or personal injury. 
  • You can read the full terms and conditions here.

Find here

You can easily get to Kalmar by direct train from Copenhagen and Gothenburg. If you come from Stockholm, we recommend the comfortable long-distance bus. Silver line, which takes you all the way to Färjestaden. From Kalmar and Färjestaden bus 105 to Mörbylånga at least once an hour every day of the week. The bike rental and Hotel Magasin1 are located right next to Mörbylånga bus station.If you come by car, there is free parking on the streets next to the bike rental and Hotel Magasin1. Our address is järnvägsgatan 3, Mörbylånga.

Discover more of Öland

Take the opportunity to explore more of this amazing island while you're here. You can easily add additional nights, dinners or extend your bike hire. Borgholm has a wide range of restaurants and shops, among other things. Visit the mighty Borgholm Castle and lovely Solliden Castle where the royal family spends their summers. If you are a real gourmand, Hotel Borgholm is highly recommended. The rocky coast in the north offers a beautiful winding journey with an open view of the Kalmar Strait. You will also find white sandy beaches and hilly pine forests. Read more at