From Mörbylånga

Tour suggestions are created in the programme/app. Ride with GPS. You have two choices if you want to use the tour suggestions below.

1) Only view the map/tour proposal directly here in the browser. No login or app download required, of course.

2) Download the app Ride with GPS to your mobile phone. By clicking on Send to device/Send which is written above each map, you will start downloading the app and creating your account linked to the app. The advantage of downloading the app is that you can follow your route in real time, so you can see your position in relation to the route.
Ride with GPS is free for one month, but after that it costs around €500 per year. So set a reminder if you don't want to keep paying for the app. The app also has a number of other features such as measuring speed, distance and sharing routes between each other.

On the maps we have also marked selected restaurants, cafés and accommodation centres that we think are good! Sometimes these are very close to each other, in which case you have to zoom in on the map to see what they are. Click on each place's link to see opening hours. Also service centres where you can sometimes get your bike replaced are marked with an information symbol.


Capella round - 22.5 km

Beijershamn, 23 km

Southern headland (Långe Jan), 93 km