About the company


My name is Gunnar Kvarnbäck and I run the company.  Cycling has been a lifelong interest.  As a child, my cousin Torsten and I cycled from Strängnäs to Enköping and back again. It was more than 20 miles in one day.  Not too bad for a 10-year-old on a simple bike without any gears.  In the 1960s, I was almost the only person who cycled in Stockholm.  In 2007, my son Elias and I cycled from Gibraltar to Öland (www.farsonfar.blogg.se ). I started rent out bicycles at Solberga Gård, Köpingsvik, which I ran for 23 years. 

Ölands Cykeluthyrning has been in Mörbylånga since 2012 and in Borgholm since 2013.  In total there are just over 200 bikes. In the summer, three people are usually employed, including one who works in the workshop. My son Elias helps with the digital side of things.

Below you can see a film about the company. Producer is Staffan Lagerström.