Bicycle transport

In the van and on the trailer we can take up to 23 bikes.

Transport of bicycles

Transport of up to 23 bikes to and from your hotel or other location can be organised, subject to availability. There is a charge:

Fixed fee per transport :400 kr
Variable cost:  Number of journeys x number of kilometres x number of bicycles x €1.80

When calculating the cost, we normally consider the distance from Mörbylånga.

Most transport involves 4 trips, i.e. to and from for delivery and to and from for collection.

10 bicycles will be delivered to Ölands Södra Udde and picked up 2 days later.  Mörbylånga is the closest rental location at a distance of 44 km.  This means 2 trips ToR or a total of 176 km.  The cost is then:
Fixed fee: 2 x 400 SEK = 800 SEK
Variable fee: 176 km x 10 bicycles x 1.80 kr = 3.168 
Summary: 3.968 kr 

For longer journeys or more than 22 bikes, please ask for an offer

Companion car
During the low season, i.e. April, May, half of June, September and October, we can offer an escort car to accompany a group and it can be combined with the delivery of bicycles. The escort car can take luggage, have spare bikes and take someone in the group who needs to rest or for some other reason cannot or does not want to cycle with the group. 
Request an offer.