World Heritage Tour

The World Heritage Tour starts and ends in Mörbylånga.

For groups of 5 - 12 people
The standard tour starts from the bike hire shop in Mörbylånga. We then cycle from Mörbylånga via Bårby over Stora Alvaret to the eastern side. In Alby we eat lunch or other refreshments at Blå Porten and then cycle further south to Skärlöv where we leave the main road. The tour now goes on the old railway bank back over Alvaret to the rest area at Penåsa, which is an old railway guard's house with two deserted farms. Further via Kastlösa down to the newly constructed cycle path at Kalmarsund. Back in Mörbylånga after about 45 km of cycling that usually takes 4 - 5 hours. During the tour we stop at 10 - 15 places where the guide talks about the World Heritage Site and what it is like to live on southern Öland.


The tour normally starts at 10 am and is available in spring, summer and autumn. Pre-registration is required at least 5 days in advance.

For a group, the fixed cost for the tour itself is €1,200 plus a variable cost of €100 per person. For guided tours in English or German, the fixed cost is SEK 1,600 and the variable cost is SEK 100. Other tours of the World Heritage Site are also available for groups on request.

The following bike types are available for hire (you can also bring your own bike)

Standard bike 3-speed 170 kr
Electric bike 380 kr
Touring (hybrid 16-speed) 320 kr

Our guides are Gunnar Kvarnbäck (who also runs the bike rental) and Eva Åkerstedt (with the company Ölandsnatur), both authorised Öland guides.

More about the Southern Öland Farming Landscape World Heritage Site is available at

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