Prices of camping equipment

The following are available for sale cost
Dome tent 3 or 4 persons Cadaques ll 2.900 kr
One-man tent
Trangia storm kitchen small 27- 5 UL 595 kr
Trangia storm kitchen large
T-red for storm kitchens 65 kr
Thermos 0.75 litres
Sleeping bag, small 310 kr
Large sleeping bag
Hammock from Colombia 895 kr
Sleeping mat 14x500x1,800 mm 95 kr
Seat cushion, foldable 55 kr
Flexible water container 10 litres 55 kr
Wine cup (flask) 22 kr
Cutlery and plate drawer 85 kr
Mosquito oil 55 kr
Freeze-dried food 1-portion bags
Protein bar
Backpack Vermont 35 l 595 kr
First aid kit 185 kr
Camping saw, folding
Affordable camping package with the essentials
T-red, Sleeping mat, Seat cushion, Wicker cup, Cutlery and plate box, Freeze-dried food, 3 portions, Protein bar 3 pcs.