Our service points

If anything happens to your bicycle you can change it to another one or get it repaired at the following places. At some of them you can also get a "fika", i.e. a nice cup of tea or coffee

To replace your bike costs 200 sek.

From south to north:

Ottenby ottenbyvandrarhem.se 0485-662062
Skärlöv Nordqvist's beef www.skarlov.se/nordqvists-notkott 073-4272728
Kastlösa Allégården kastlosa.se 0485-42175
Glömminge Backagården 0485-37022
Bredsättra Hotel Drei Jahrezeiten www.drei-jahreszeiten.se 070-5855205
Sandvik Pensionat Haga pensionathaga.com 0485-552510
Löttorp Calles Bicycle calles-lottorp.se 070-1194279
Byxelkrok Byxelkroks Bike hire hyrencykel.nu 070-5796100
And of course you can replace your bike at our rental points in Mörbylånga and Borgholm.