Our service points

If anything happens to your bicycle you can change it to another one or get it repaired at the following places. At some of them you can also get a “fika”, ie a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Kastlösa            Allégården  Tel 0485-42175
Stenåsa             Stenåsa Camping  Tel 0485-44078
Mörbylånga      Ölands Cykeluthyrning Tel 076-1039849
Rälla                  Edith o Julia B & B   Tel 0485-48730
Borgholm          Ölands Cykeluthyrning, tel 076-1039879
Löttorp              Calles Cykel        Tel 070-1194279
Byxelkrok          Byxelkroks Cykeluthyrning Tel 070-5796100

Kalmar               Ölands Cykeluthyrning  Tel 076-1039144