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Bicycle tents
It is now possible to rent bicycles and bicycle trailers and camp here on Öland. It will be easy to keep the distance. Bring your own tent or buy from Öland's Bicycle Rental in Mörbylånga.

Our own hire shop in Borgholm is closed, but our bikes are available for hire at Beach Hotel.

Read more about camping on the island of sun and winds here


Guided cycling tour of the World Heritage Site

Every Wednesday during the summer I guide in the World Heritage Site Southern Öland's Agricultural Landscape. We gather at 10 am at the bike rental in Mörbylånga and set out on a tour of just over 40 km. The tour goes via Kastlösa, over Alvaret to Skärlöv. Then northwards on the eastern country road to Alby and then back again over Alvaret. We stop for coffee or lunch at Blå Porten in Alby. In total it usually takes about 5 hours. The guide owns the bike rental and is an authorised Öland guide. The guide itself costs 200 SEK per person. Bike rental 150 SEK for a 3-speed standard bike and 340 SEK for an electric bike Registration to

18 August
The rental points are no longer permanently staffed, but it is still possible to rent a bike. As of tomorrow, the following applies:
Call Christopher, tel 070-3935679

ÖC's bikes are available for hire at Strand Hotell. tel 0485-88888

Call Gunnar, tel 070-6676280

Enquiries can also be made via the website or to

5 April 2018
Guided cycling tour of the World Heritage Site
5 May 10am - 2pm
10 -13 May (Öland sprouts) 10 am - 2 pm
19 May 10am - 2pm
26 May 10am - 2pm
16 - 22 July (World Heritage Week) 10 am - 2 pm
Meet at the bus station in Mörbylånga. Cycling over Alvaret, coffee in Triberga on the east side and then back to Mörbylånga via Penåsa and Kastlösa. A total of about 35 km. Guidance 200 SEK, bicycle can be rented for 150 SEK. Guide and organiser is me who runs Ölands Cykeluthyrning, Gunnar Kvarnbäck, authorised Ölands guide.

26 September 2017

Sale of racing bikes
I am selling off racing bikes and focusing more on bikes for tourists. There are 12 Crescent Nano with frame height
52, 55, 58 and 61 cm. A picture is available here on the website under "bikes and services". This autumn they cost 3.800 SEK, in the spring 4.200 SEK. They are in good condition

Text from the Crescent website:
The Nano is an aluminium racer; a comfort racer that is comfortable to ride for long distances. The frame has a geometry that makes it possible to set a slightly more upright sitting position. This is gentle on the back and neck and allows you to cycle both faster and longer. The frame is built from double-reduced aluminium tubes, with features borrowed from our carbon fibre frames. It's torsionally stiff in critical areas while remaining flexible to maximise comfort during long training sessions. The front fork is carbon fibre with Kevlar inserts that absorb vibrations from the ground and prevent them from reaching your hands. The components are a mix of Shimano and TEC. You shift with Shimano's Sora group and the 18 positions give you the right cadence both up steep hills and on long descents. The brakes are effective and their power is easy to dose. The handlebar, with its compact shape, provides good ergonomics both with your hands down on the stem and up on the controls. The saddle is also chosen so that you sit well and can perform for many hours. Nano is a good racing bike that can take you out on many nice bike rides.

Closures in Mörbylånga
9 August is the last day of permanent staffing in Mörbylånga. Even after that it is possible to rent by appointment on tel 070-6676280.

Closed in Mörbylånga 8 and 9 July
Next weekend we deliver racing bikes to the small Ironman in Jönköping and unfortunately have to stay closed in Mörbylånga. Open again as usual on Monday 10 July

Open in Mörbylånga
New opening hours this year: 9am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm.


Midsummer's Eve
We close at 12 noon, otherwise open as usual every day until mid-August.


Digital bike platform
Ölands Turist has made an excellent digital platform for cycling on Öland. There you can see most of what is important for a cyclist in a simple and clear way. See also







Summer staff
For the summer of 2017, we are looking for staff who work with rentals in Kalmar, Borgholm and Mörbylånga. Current time is about 15 June to 15 August. Desirable qualifications are:

  • Good at receiving customers
  • Manual
  • Local knowledge
  • Interest in cycling
  • Cassava
  • Good in English (except Swedish)


Workshop in Kalmar
On 24 October we open a simple bicycle workshop in the station house in Kalmar. We receive bikes for a basic service where we fix about 20 different points and give cost proposals if more needs to be fixed. We also offer bicycle hotels over the winter, change to winter tyres etc.


Offer to Linnaeus students
During autumn, winter and spring most of the bikes are stationary. We can therefore offer substantial discounts to students at Linnaeus University in Kalmar.


3-speed Monark standard bike for men and women One term  590 SEK Full academic year (until 10 June)   950 kr

We also offer a service contract, which means you can swap to another similar bike if you have a problem, such as a puncture. The service agreement
costs SEK 180 for a semester and SEK 300 for a full academic year.


Open longer in Borgholm
By popular demand, we are open in Borgholm for two more days, until 12 August.


28 June
Co-operation with KLT
Today the cooperation with KLT (Kalmar Länstrafik) was finalised. This means that there is info / advertising for the bike rental on the KLT buses' on-board monitors and that we are on their website. It also means that we sell a day ticket that gives unlimited bus travel within Kalmar County, travel with the bicycle ferry Dessi and one day of bicycle rental. The bike can be picked up and dropped off anywhere at our 3 rental locations.


22 June 2016

We open for the season in all 3 locations, Borgholm, Mörbylånga and Kalmar.


25 April 2016

Letting in Kalmar is moving
Today a new location for the bicycle hire service in Kalmar was finalised.  There will be a section inside the station building itself and a fenced off section between the station building and the platforms.  The property owner will erect fencing and make a new door so that the premises can be easily accessed from the platform.
This is Kalmar's best location for bike hire because it is a hub for both railway and bus traffic. It is also located in the centre of Kalmar close to all the city's hotels, restaurants and shops.  It is about 400 metres to the bicycle ferry Dessi, which makes frequent trips to Öland.  In addition, there will be a comprehensive approach in that rentals in Borgholm and Mörbylånga will also be located at bus stations that were previously railway stations.