Spectator carriage

The purpose of the Birdwatching Cart is to enable birdwatching in a more climate-friendly way. In particular, the viewer cart has a specially designed compartment for tubular binoculars with a tripod. The trailer is connected with an adapter to bicycles with a dome nut on the rear wheel or to other bicycles where it is possible to attach the adapter permanently, such as touring bikes or MTBs. The observation carriage as well as suitable bicycles are available for rent at Ölands Cykeluthyrning at the bus station in Mörbylånga. If you start from there, it is about 45 km to the southern cape. If you have a large car, you can also take the bicycle and Skådarvagnen in the car and then start at any location. Skådarvagnen is designed by Gunnar Kvarnbäck and manufactured by Calmar Industriteknik AB.

If you are interested in buying a trolley, this may also be possible as drawings and prototypes already exist. Contact isf gunnar@olandscykeluthyrning.se