The wind at your back


landsväg frihetskänla

The wonderful feeling of having the wind at your back!

Our hire facilities can be found in Kalmar, and at the bus stations in Borgholm and Mörbylånga. If you only wish to enjoy a day’s cycling with tailwind, you can take your bike onto a bus and start your trip from where the wind is blowing and back to one of our locations where you return the bike. There is a bus service from Mörbylånga all the way south to Ottenby and north to the Tourist Information office at the bridge. From Borgholm, buses go north to Löttorp (40 km) or Byxelkrok (60 km), or south to the Tourist Information office at the bridge (35 km). A bus usually takes only 2 bicycles, but there tends to be space for more as both bus stations are the starting point for trips to the northern and southern tips of the island.

Click here for a bus timetable.