The company

gunnarMy name is Gunnar Kvarnbäck and I run this business. I have had an interest in cycling all my life. As a child, me and my cousing cycled from Strängnäs to Enköping and back – more than 60 km in one day. Not bad for a 10-year-old on a simple bike with no gears! In the 1960s, I was almost the only cyclist in the city of Stockholm. And in 2007, me and my son Elias cycled from Gibraltar back home to Öland.

I started hiring out bicycles at my previous farm Solberga Gård in Köpingsvik, a business I had for 23 years.

Ölands Cykeluthyrning started 2012 in Mörbylånga, and expanded with a branch in Borgholm in 2013. We hire out a total of more than 200 bikes.