Transportation of bicycles
We can arrange to t
ransport up to 23 bicycles to and from your hotel or other location. This services applies if time permits and if the distance to one of our shops does not exceed 60 km. We charge the following for this service:

Fixed fee per transport SEK 400 (mostly to and fro, ie 2 x 400)
Variable cost: number of journeys x km x amount of bikes x SEK 1,50

As a rule, we calculate the price based on the distance to our nearest shop.

Most transports include 4 journeys: to and from with the delivery of the bicycles and to and from with the pick-up after the rental period.

An order for 10 bicycles delivered to Öland’s southern tip and picked up two days later
. Mörbylånga is our nearest hiring shop, at 44 km. This means 2 journeys to and from: 176 km in total. Cost calculation:
Fixed fee: SEK 300
Variable cost: 176 km x 10 bikes x SEK 1,50 = SEK
 SEK 3,440

Please ask for a quote if you require longer transportations or more than 23 bicycles.

Escort car
During the low season – i.e. April, May, early June, September and October – we can offer an escort car to accompany a group. This service can be combined with the delivery of bicycles. The escort car can transport the luggage, extra reserve bikes or anyone who needs to rest or cannot continue the journey with the group on bike. We can quote a price if you are interested in this service.